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The Art of Cake

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As a child, I had three loves: 

Food, baking, and art.  

I grew up on a rather large plantation in Western North Carolina.  My Grandparents grew EVERYTHING.  Wandering around outside there were so many delectable delights growing right out of the earth, as if by magic.  Orchards of apples and pears, cherry trees, blueberry fields, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, black walnuts, chestnuts... and the list goes on.    It was magical.  So, at a very early age, I began to appreciate  what real food and ingredients were.  I'd pick literally gallons of blackberries and raspberries with my grandfather and would bring them to my Grandmother's kitchen to be washed, sorted and made into jams, preserves and cobblers.  Since the farm was also a dairy farm, we had access to the finest, freshest creams and butters in the south.  (Yes, my Grandmother Dolly even had an electric churn.)  

It was there in my Grandmother's kitchen where I begat my second love; BAKING.  Once again, everything was fresh, from scratch.  Boxed mixes were unheard of in that sunny warm cookery.  She would send me to gather fresh farm eggs, and with those eggs, some sugar, freshly churned butter, flour, and the very basic ingredients, she taught me the art of cake.  

My very first cake, and how I remember it well, was when I was 6 years old.  It was simple, a yellow cake with 7 minute frosting.  I was hooked on this art, this magic!

And so it began. 

The cake below was featured in Carolina Bride's Book, and was created from my Grandmother's English fruit cake recipe!  xoxo

This cake was featured in Carolina Brides Book 

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